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Balayage highlights before and after

I would like to show you a before and after of a client who wants to do lighter balayage highlights.

Hair condition at before

This customer had a little bit of highlighting before, and you can see a little bit of bright color at the ends of her hair.

As you can see from the back, the highlighted areas are falling down and the top is getting very dark.

What are the color preferences of this customer?

This time, the client wanted brighter blonde highlights than before.

She also requested that the highlights be placed in such a way that she would not be bothered by the roots growing out.

With summer approaching and the weather warming up, I created gorgeous highlights with a bright blonde look.

Blonde balayage highlights finish

How do you like it?
Around the face, more highlights are applied from the root area to brighten the contours like face-framing.

The highlights are gradually lowered to create a gradient effect as they move toward the back.

The top portion of the back is contrasted with fine highlights, while the middle to ends of the hair are firmly brightened with thicker highlights.

Before and after front section

Compared to the before, the after finish looks so much brighter and more glamorous in appearance.

From the back, you would think it was a completely different person, and I think the highlights on the right look very Western-like blonde highlights.

Specialist in balayage highlights in Tokyo

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