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Blonde hair color for instagramer

Hi everyone !

This time we had client who is fashion designer and did blonde color .

Before her hair was like roots part grow it up and middle to ends were fading.

This is before picture.

We did bleach touch up and refresh rest of hair .

Bleach color damage hair easily so that we try bleach with less damage and result is below.

How is the looks?

It so beautiful .

This is before and after picture .

If you are thinking about going to have new color please come to hair salon 712 .

This client work as fashion model and designer.

She is fabulous right?

Her brand is so lovely .

Please check her website. Please check this out.

This is her instagram account. Please check this out

We are happy to work for their hair and hope to work with many instagramers hair as well!

Please contact us if you are interested.

This is our instagram account.

We hope to see you soon.

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