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Barber shop in Tokyo

There are so many hair salon in Tokyo.

But if you are male and looking for barber shop please come to hair salon 712 where near Daikanyama Tokyo.

Stylist speak English and Italian.

He can handle any type of mens style .

Basically barber shop is good at short style like fade cut.
But most of Japanese people don’t have that kind of style.

hair salon 712 is specialist for foreigner’s hair so that if you are looking for barber shop in Tokyo please come to get it done by us.

Fade mens style

This style is short at the side and keep it longer on the top.

We can make side more shorter like a under skin cut.

It s depend on what type of design you like .

Short hair style

This style is more casual.

If you don’t like to be too short at the side this is better .

On the top of hair you can arrange to put it back or sweep to the side.

Mens hair color

we can create mens color as well.
If you like blonde color we will use bleach and lift up blonde hair color.

Or if you like to have some contrast we can put bleach highlight .

hair salon 712 is the best place for mens style

English speaking hair style is available

Our 90% of customers are foreigners so that easy to communicate and can create the style what you like to be .

Stylist have experience working in Italy and study in London so he knows about trend hair style in overseas.

If you are looking for barber in Tokyo please come to hair salon 712.

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