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How much is hair service in Tokyo?


If you are thinking about going to get hair experience in Tokyo you had better to check price range before you go .

There are so many hair salon in Tokyo and each year a lot of salon open but on other side a lot of salon close as well .

Fashion district area are little expensive more than local area in Tokyo .
But so many hair salon try to get new customer even new hair salon open at small area

then what happened after is only few salon still keep same price and other salon change their price to be lower to get more new clients .

Here is the price range depend on place .

Local area (Cheap salon)

Hair cut 1000 to 5000yen
Color 1500 to 5000yen
Perm 4000 to 6000yen
Straightening 6000 to 8000yen

Local area (expensive salon)

Hair cut 4000 to 8000yen
Color4000 to 8000yen
Perm4000 to 8000yen
Straightening 8000 to 15000yen

Local area is still cheaper than Tokyo even expensive salon in local.
Because number of hair salon is less than Tokyo

here is Tokyo price range .
you can see the difference according to price list below .

Tokyo salon (cheap salon )

Hair cut 1000 to 3000yen
Color 2000 to 4000 yen
Perm 3000 to 4000yen
Straightening 5000 to 8000yen

Tokyo salon (expensive salon )

cut 7000 to 20000yen
color 7000 to 30000yen
perm 8000 to 20000yen
straightening 13000 to 40000yen

According to this ,Price is not depend on skill and quality of service .
Brand name ,Experience and how popular is it depend on SNS are all affected.

If you can speak Japanese you can try to go cheap hair salon.
They are also trained and graduate beauty school in Japan so basically they are good !
They can create style and simple cut are ok !

But If your hair texture is difference and you think it would be difficult to cut your hair we highly recommend you to go expensive one .

Especially International hair salon is the best for you because they have hair products for foreigner and knowledge of hair texture difference.
most of stylists who work at international hair salon have experience working oversea so would be easy to take care of your hair .

For your experience we don’t want you to have bad experience in Japan so please be careful to find out hair salon .

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