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Short style

Short hair
My client has had long hair for long time, and she has always tied her hair up. She has grey hair at front part, and she didn’t like this contrast of grey and dark brown.

This is before when she came in today.

When I saw her, she has already decided to go short hair.
She said that she hasn’t taken care of her hair and asked me how it looked, but then she changed her mind.
Actually it’s much better than before and she said it’s much easier to maintain, and feels much nicer.
Also her hair is not too straight and not too wavy, so it was nice type of hair for a short style. She can create a nice big wave after only drying her hair.
Just one thing, she needs to cut it every in 7 weeks.

Actually it’s good timing for her hair colour. 
She has usually has highlights and blonde lowlights. It’s hard to create the same blonde colour,which is from brown and grey. So these are not exactly same colour,but it makes it looks much more natural and it blends well.

Now she is keeping this style for 3 years. 
Once you find a good style,you can maintain it easy and you will be happy.

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