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Do you know why gray hair glows?

Age? Stress? Heredity?

I think there are various reasons.

Gray hair has not yet been clarified as to how to improve or eliminate it.

But just knowing the principle and knowledge, you should be able to prevent even a little a little and take measures against gray hair.

When dose it start to grow gray hair?

Both men and women begin to increase from around 30s.

Hereditary elements are strong,but it can’t say for sure.

It is said that stress,eating habits,and lifestyle habits will increase,but the casual relationship dose not seem to be clearly understood yet.

Many people think that gray hair has lost the color of its black hair,but in fact,our hair is not black in nature but white.

The principle is that the pigment is attached to it and it looks like black hair.

Why can gray hair grow?  What is a mechanism?  ?

Originally,in hair,melanocytes in hair matrix cells in the scalp create a black color.

 If the function of the melanite,which makes the black pigment,decreases,it gradually grows into gray hair.

 It is also said that one of the causes is that the enzyme called tyrosinase,which is necessary for producing melanin pigment (the color that is the basis of black)from melanocytes,is not produced as the age increases.

 In the case of women,the amount of the female hormone estrogen (which keeps hair healthy)gradually decreases as the age of 30 increases.

 It is said that changes in hair quality are also affected by this estrogen.

Is stress a great enemy?  To increase gray hair!  !

Stress causes various disorders in our bodies.

 In a stressed state,a blood vessel contracts and blood circulation deteriorates due to a tension state,and as a result,the autonomic nervous system is also easily disturbed.

 It is said that the reason that gray hair tends to increase several months after stress is due to the autonomic nervous disorder caused by stress.

 Melanocytes are said to be vulnerable to stress.  For this reason,it seems that the location where gray hair grows under the influence of stress often grows partially together.

 In addition,since stress can easily cause an increase in gray hair,such as weakened immunity,lack of sleep,and disordered eating habits,it is also important to consciously refresh yourself regularly to prevent gray hair.

If you turn gray,don’t you turn black again?  ?

It is basically said that if the function of melanocytes and hair matrix cells declines,it will never return to its original state.

 It is said that gray hair due to aging is particularly difficult to return.

 With regard to gray hair caused by excessive stress or disordered lifestyle,it may be temporary and may be cured or return to black hair.

 Basically,it is unlikely that your hair will heal,so how do you deal with it?  To prevent?  Enjoy?  I think it is very important!  !

Cover gray hair

The best recommendation is to cut only the white hair from the root while it is small.

 If you can’t cut any more,dye it with a color agent!  !

 I think this is the best way to associate with gray hair.

 It’s so dangerous to remove gray hair

 Do not remove it just because you are worried about gray hair.

 It can damage the scalp and even have a negative effect on the surrounding hair.

 If you continue to damage the scalp,not only the gray hair,but also the hair will not grow from its roots!  !

 So,just pull it out for the scalp.

Prevention and measures for gray hair

In order not to weaken the function of melanocytes that cause gray hair and to prevent hair matrix cells from breaking,


 Let’s review these three again and make improvements.

 In order to take in the good things for the hair,we take good nutrition from the diet,improve blood circulation by exercising,and deliver nutrients well to melanocytes.

 After that,I will activate the work of melanocytes by taking a good quality sleep!

 Let’s make this good flow.

Scalp massage to prevent gray hair

 A regular scalp massage is also effective in preventing gray hair.

 Improving blood circulation in the scalp makes it easier for nutrients to reach the cells.  Massage the scalp gently with the stomach of your finger and gently rub it.

 Be careful when applying massage,as it is dangerous to apply pressure and damage the scalp with your nails.

 Scalp massage also has a relaxing effect,so it is recommended that you sometimes go to a head spa in a beauty salon or head massage salon ♪

Summary of white hair prevention and white hair measures

Reactive oxygen causes aging of the skin.

 This also applies to hair,and it is said that when active oxygen increases,melanin pigments are not synthesized well and the hair becomes gray.


 It is said that stress is one of the causes of the increase in active oxygen.

 Stress not only increases active oxygen,but also increases vitamin C consumption.

 Vitamin C is an antioxidant and can also relieve stress,making it more susceptible to stress.


 Active oxygen is a cause of increased exposure to ultraviolet light.

 UV care is very important because active oxygen is also generated when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays.


 Toxic substances in tobacco increase active oxygen.

 Passive smoking,of course,has an adverse effect.

 【Lack of sleep】

 Melatonin,which is released from the brain during sleep,is said to remove active oxygen.  Insufficient sleep is said to reduce the amount of active oxygen removed by melatonin and cause aging.

 Nutritional bias due to diet also causes gray hair.

 It is important to eat a well-balanced diet so that you can get enough protein,vitamins and minerals.

 How was it?  ?

 It is very difficult to be conscious of everything to prevent gray hair,but you should be able to be conscious with a little knowledge!  !

 Your daily habits and consciousness are very important.

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