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Spring hair design 2020


How many people are thinking about going to change your hair style recently?

It getting warm outside and don’t you feel trying to change the hair style?

Here is some sample for hair design

Bleach thin highlight color

This is thin highlight style.

This color is brown base and bleach highlight combination.

As much as base color is dark highlight part show out obviously.

If you have already brown hair why don’t you try bleach thin highlight ?

Ash blonde highlight color

If you like ash and silver color you will love this style.

If your hair is already lighter it would be easy to be like the picture .

But if your hair is dark or something dark brown color it would take a lot of time.

3D highlight color

This color has more contrast.

Darker base color with light highlight color .

Looks a little bit too strong but if you curl it more natural looking .

Vivid hair color

If you like to try something interesting color why don’t you chose red color?

It gorgeous and shiny looking.

Red color last longer and it cool right?

Spring is come and we are ready for you.

Just now coronavirus is spreading all over the world and peoples have to stay home and try not reach the others.

If you have chance please visit our salon.

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