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Best experience for Japanese Hair straightening in Tokyo

Are you looking for a hair salon for Japanese straightening?

Japanese straightening is one of the difficult hair services and if you get it done by the wrong hairstylist your hair will get damaged.

But if you are not familiar with Tokyo it would be difficult to find out the best place for Japanese straightening.

The reason why we write this article is for you.

Please read this article and it helps you in the future.

HAIR SALON 712 was featured in this ranking as a popular international salon in Tokyo.

The best hair salon Tokyo top 20

What is Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening dramatically changes the hair texture like wavy, coarse, or curly hair into shiny straight locks by treating the hair with chemicals.
This service is not good for only Japanese hair, Caucasian, and Asian hair who have curly, kinky, frizzy, dry, and damaged hair too.

What are the benefits of Japanese straightening

Japanese straightening has a log of benefits.
Here is the main benefit of Japanese straightening

  • Lasting long
  • Less styling time
  • low maintain style

Well, what is a good part of it is basically lasting is long.
As compared to hair color straightening lasts 6 to 12 months.
it depends on hair texture and hair strength but mostly 6 months.

After you got this your styling time is so short.
Maybe you just wash your hair and dry it briefly and can go out.
This is a very good thing for people who suffer from hair problems.

So after getting it done you don’t need specific maintenance. Just only hand drying is ok for styling and you don’t need to use an iron to make it straight so less damage every day which is good for hair condition.

How long does a Japanese straightening last?

Generally, Japanese straightening is permanent.

Once you get it done straighten part and stay straight permanently.

But if the hair condition is getting worse and damaged, the hair will start getting wavy.

If you keep taking care of your hair nicely hair stays straight for a long time.

How much is Japanese straightening?

Price would be different depending on stylist rank and hair length.

Here is our price list below for Japanese straightening


If you like to know the exact price please walk into our salon for a consultation.

Japanese straightening process


Stylist Yuki is carefully checked your hair condition first and asks you about your chemical history.
this is a very important thing for chemical service.
He has been working with a lot of hair textures in a different country so it helps him for consultation.

1st process

Then he washes your hair and checks the hair how it turns out when your hair is wet and checks the surface of the hair is smooth or dry.
He makes chemical according to clients’ hair condition and apply it quickly and leave it for 10 min. During the leaving time, he carefully checks the hair is good enough soft to go next step.
He tries to check several ways using fingers and comb which is a professional way.

Ironing process

After rinsing out, he dries the hair and starts Ironing carefully.
Most Japanese hair salon hair assistants do ironwork instead of a stylist or do it with a stylist to cut the processing time

But here 712 hair salon is not.
this place is one to one style and stylist Yuki takes care of your hair perfectly by himself which is a good thing for the customer.

Final process

After finishing the Ironing work he put 2nd solution to lock the hair straight.
after a few minutes, he rinses out and puts on hair treatment and a nice head massage.
You will feel your hair is so smooth during the rinsing time.
After the rinse, he cut your hair and clean up the ends and take some volume out.

This is will be your experience in Tokyo Japan so if you are looking for a good hair salon for Japanese straightening please visit hair salon 712.

how to find a good hair salon for Japanese straightening in Tokyo?

Japanese straightening is popular in Japan so you can get it done anywhere in Tokyo.

But the problem is that Japanese hair salons use chemical solutions for Japanese hair texture Which are too weak for foreigners and don’t work with foreigners’ hair properly.

Hair textures are completely different between Japanese and others so it is very important to find a salon where has a chemical solution for foreigner’s hair.

Besides most difficult process for Japanese straightening is 1st process which is putting 1st solution to make hair enough soft to be straightened.

If your stylist did it the wrong way or leave it too much time, or less time your hair will break out or burn out .some time melt.

that’s why if you really want to get a nice Japanese straightening perm you really have to be careful to find a hair salon.

Top 3 hair salons for Japanese hair straightening in Tokyo

Hair salon 712

Hair salon 712 can make your hair soft and straight with less damage to your hair.

We use high-quality chemicals to repair your hair and make it beautiful.

Keratin treatment is also available, so we will provide the best service according to your hair condition.


The BONDZSALON is very good at straightening hair because they have experience in New York.
The organic smoothing service is also very popular among foreign customers.

Baroque Tokyo

Baroque Tokyo is a hairdresser with experience in London and Australia, so they are ​very good with foreign hair

A new treatment called Science Aqua is also very popular.

Japanese hair straightening pros and cons

Before you get Japanese straightening please understand about Japanese straightening pros and cons

Pros of Japanese straightening

  • make straight any type of curl
  • shiny hair texture
  • smooth hair
  • lasting long

After Japanese straightening, your hair will amazingly change.

If you have done it before you know the meaning right?

You don’t need any styling and always your hair is straight and shiny.

There are a lot of good things for Japanese straightening.

Cons of Japanese straightening

You might need to know about the cons of Japanese straightening.

  • damage hair
  • risky to damaged and bleached hair
  • Pin straight

Japanese straightening damage hair.

It’s used alkali and if you already have damaged hair we don’t recommend doing Japanese straightening.

In this case, we recommend doing keratin treatment instead.

And right after straightening it always looks pin straight.

If you like a more natural-looking keratin treatment is better for you.

Experienced hairdresser for Japanese straightening

Stylist Yuki has been trained and works in London and Italy.

He has a lot of experience and knowledge about hair texture and the skill of hair service.

He worked with many different types of nationalities and knows how to do it on each hair texture.

He carefully checks your hair condition and will make your hair shiny straight hair with less damage.

A lot of foreign customers believe his technique and his nice and kind customer service.


Can I color after Japanese straightening?

You can color one week later.

But we don’t recommend coloring with bright or blonde colors.

Can I wash my hair right after Japanese straightening?

You can wash your hair the next day. But if you can wait 48 hours it would be better for your hair.

Do I have to use specific shampoo for Japanese straightening?

You can wash your own shampoo.

But for straightening hair we recommend amino acid shampoo which is mild and good for hair and scalp.

Can I curl or perm my hair after Japanese straightening?

You can curl by curling iron or perming after Japanese straightening.

But as much as you use curling iron it damages hair and your hair gets weaker.

For perming, you can get only a digital perm to make your hair curl.

Regular perm doesn’t work on straightening hair.

Experience Japanese hair straightening at 712 hair salon

So let’s see how the hair professional stylist Yuki at hair salon 712.
His most of customers are a foreigner like Caucasians and Asians so he knows exactly what to do with it.

His experience working in Italy and studying at Vidal Sassoon in London improve his skill and make him confident.

Please believe us we won’t let you down.

We can make your hair perfectly shiny straight hair and smile.

If you like to book an appointment please call or mail.

Please feel free to contact any questions.

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