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I Hair and personality 

I’ve been doing hairdresser more than 15 years.

I realized that the hairdresser needs a good technique and understanding the requests of clients.

I was focusing about only technique when I was young. However,it was more important to understand people.

So I would describe by associating hairstyle and psychology.

I’m really into the psychology called “PCM”. It’s originally from US.

That says “let’s understand about me,then understand other people”.

Please read these words.

①Functional,Accurate,Research,Exact numbers,Priority


③Relax,Being with Family,Comfortable,Cute,soft

④Imaging often by themselves,needs time to answer

⑤Funny,Doing something like a child,The likes and dislikes are clear

⑥Excitement,In a short time,Conclusion,Challenge

Which is the number that you often use or important for you?

It won’t be the same for everyone.

You probably have had some experience that you couldn’t understand what other people are thinking or it has happened the miscommunication when you were talking.

As you know that everyone has a different personality.

And also you may have sometimes felt why the hairstylist couldn’t understand what you want to do.

That’s why I would help you to find a best hairstylist for you from next blog.

I could say from my hairdresser experience and the psychology(PCM).

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