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Best place to get Olaplex treatment in Tokyo

Have you ever heard about olaplex treatment before?

It has been getting popular since few years ago.

Especially olaplex treatment is good for damage hair ,bleach color and perm ,straightening service as well.

What is olaplex treatment?

Olaplec treatment is some thing difference compare to other treatment.

It’s minimizing the hair damage from the chemical process and make hair stronger than before.

Most of chemical process use alkali and it damage hair from the inside to outside.

But this olaplex treatment help hair to get less damage and make hair condition better.

olaplex treatment is invented in USA and is uesed “Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate” which work on damage part of hair and repair from the inside to outside of hair.

Best choice to use olaplex treatment with hair color

when olaplex treatment is use?

Basically most of hair dresser use it when customer want to have bleach color,

Bleach color damage hair a lot and break it out inside of hair proteins.

Thats why olaplex treatment is good for avoiding too much damage from the bleach process and keep good hair condition even after bleach process.

Olaplex No,5 Shampoo help your hair condition pretty better

Olaplex shampoo No5 is super mild and it’s not strong to hair.

So this shampoo doesn’t make a bubble a lot but it take out most of dirtiness.

Even this is shampoo you can feel moistures after shampoo.

Most of shampoo at drugstore is too strong for hair.

It’s help you shampooing easily because a lot of bubbles come out but most of time you don’t need bubble.

Only warm water is enough to take out dirtiness so better to use mild one if you like to keep your hair healthy.

Olaplex treatment No2 is amazing result

Olaplex treatment No 2 is used after wash out color.

After color, your hair become alkalinity and No2 help hair to go neutrality.

Put this olaplex no2 after wash out color and leave it for 10 to 20 min.
Seems like it s little too long right?

But it s very important process and you will see the difference.

Besides the smell of olaplex treatment No2 is super nice and it relax you so much.

Home care Olaplex no 3 is very important to keep your hair healthy

If you want to get olaplex treatment at the salon, you can get No1 and No2.

This is good enough to make your hair better.

But why don’t you like to take care of your hair at home as well?

Olaplex treatment No3 is home care treatment and this is same material of Olaplex no2.

Which mean you can prepare your hair at home and keep using this one your hair will turn out amazing better.

Olaplex treatment No3 is very small but it contain “Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate” and better to use it once every 3 days.

This is worth to use for repairing your hair damage at your home so if you worry about your hair damage highly recommend it.

Olaplex No4 and No 5 is your basic home care items.

It’s no problem to use your own shampoo and treatment but this is good combination with Olaplex treatment No1 ,No2 and No 3.

So if you have bleached hair, or super damage from the chemical process you had better to use Olaplex series together.

Once you got many damage from the chemical process your hair condition never go back as before .

But only olaplex treatment change hair condition from the inside out so this is the best way if you like to keep your hair good and if you don’t want to cut it out damage part.

Olaplex treatment No6 is out bath treatment

This is good for keeping your hair moisturize even when you are outside .

You can put this especially from ends to middle part.

After dry hair your hair looks shiny and smooth with nice smell.

If your hair ends is dryness and hight damage try to use this .

Olapledx No 7 is new product and amazing work

Olaplex No 7 is new and this is amazing treatment.

This make hair smooth and shiny without making hair flat.

This oil is very light and easy to use for any type of hair texture.

How to use olaplex treatment at home?

Firstly wash your hair and put No3 from the roots to ends of hair.

This is ok to put around roots part and it never get oily and flat your hair.

Then leave it 10 to 15 min .This is very important and do not rinse out without leaving enough time.

During this treatment it’s better to massage hair scalp .

After that, you shampoo and conditioner with No 4, and No5 .

Then towel dry properly and take out moisture as much as possible.

Then put No6 mild from middle to ends of hair .

When you dry your hair please dry only 80% and after that just leave it with air dry is perfect way .

Finally you can take some oil of No7 at your hands and mix it and put it from middle to ends of hair.

Finger through your hair and style whatever you like.

Effectiveness of Olaplex treatment

Olaplex treatment is completely difference compared to other treatment .

Most of treatment work only surface of hair, cuticles and there is not effectiveness to repair inside of protein.

Keep having chemical process make your hair condition worse and porous hair.

Then Olaplex treatment repair inside of hair and add nutrients .

Olaplex treatment work as repair and protect from the damage .

Thats why this treatment work well not only color service.

Olaplex treatment is good combination with hair cut, perm, straightening service as well.

How much is Olaplaex treatment ?

Price of olaplex treatment is difference depend on place.

If you want to get olaplex treatment at the hair salon it additionally cost 3500yen to 5000yen.

No3(100ml)3080 yen
No4(250ml)3080 yen
No5(250ml)3080 yen

This is home care treatment and you can buy at the salon or online.

But if you try to but online it will be more pricy than above list so order to US is might be cheaper.

Japanese famous model Rola also use olaplex treatment series

Most famous Japanese model Rola use olaplex treatment and you can see her youtube channel .

She keep bleaching hair so that olaplex treatment is the best way to keep her hair condition better.

Her hair is sensitive and without olaplex treatment her hair will be super damage.

But she always good hair condition with blonde hair because of olaplex treatment work.

If you want to get Olaplex treatment hair salon 712 is the best in Tokyo

Olaplex treatment is good for damage hair, thin and porous hair .

If you are thinking about going go have blonde hair like balayage , ombre or bleach color you definitely better to use Olaplaex treatment .

Hair salon 712 is located near Daikanyama station in Shibuya area and we have many foreigners from asian to Caucasian .

We offer only olaplex treatment menu as well so if you are interested in getting olaplex treatment pls try it out.

Salon information

business hours 10:30~20:30 
holiday Thursday
way(Walk)5 min from Daikanyama St
12 min from Shibuya St
10 min from Ebisu St
Adress 〒150-0033 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Sarugakucho, 9−5−105
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