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Easy to maintain smooth hair

From my experience,most of people are saying “I want to spend much time”.

There are 3 points.

-Coloring the regrowth.

-Trimming at ends.

-Styling at home.

We can find your best way for “Coloring”and “Trimming”.

Because we understand your requests and hair trouble,when we do a counseling.

And we can teach you how to do a “styling”at home.

So we are specialized for understanding requests and hair troubles,using Japanese meticulousness.

Our goal is that our clients always have

“Healthy blonde or brown hair “

“That makes you happy!”

Please check out our work.

Hair salon 712

English speaking hair salon in Shibuya

(For Blonde,Balayage,Brunette,any hair color)


Phone  03-5787-6384

Instagram  hair712yuki


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