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Natural curl hair

My client has naturally curly hair.
Her hair has cycles. 
Sometimes her hair grows a lot, but then it falls out naturally.
Some people loose more hair when the season changes,especially in autumn.
Everyone has a hair cycle of growth and loss, it is natural.
This means that hair will fall out when it has grown to its maximum length.

According to research, hundreds of hairs fall out every day. 
So you don’t need to be worry if you see a lot of hair coming out when you wash it.

This is before.

It may be time to cut it shorter to get it back in shape. 
You can loose some of shape when your hair looses volume.
Actually it was much better at end.

For the colour,I put a highlights and warm brown on her hair. 
It is a nice to refresh to have blonde colour.

And she doesn’t usually style her hair even drying.
She just put hair cream on wet hair,that’s it.
She is lucky, because she has naturally curl hair.

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