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Long shiny hair by English speaking Stylist Yuki

She naturally has wavy hair, and her hair was a little damaged at the ends.
It looks like that she has had highlights, however, she has hasn’t it’s just naturally bleached from the sun light.
It looks a natural Balayage. She likes it as well.
She usually has to touch up the her regrowth, because her natural color is dark brown and she has some grey hair.
I know most people have grey hair, even if they’re young people.
So her hair doesn’t need much maintenance.
She just needs her roots touching up and a tidy up with a haircut.
By doing this she can maintain healthy hair with a nice color.
One more tip, if you want to have shiny hair like we’ve seen, you need to blow dry it with a brush.
This is not easy to do yourself, it takes patience, however if you
would like, I can teach you.

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