If you are thinking about going to have Japanese straightening please read this article first.

This might help you to understand what is Japanese straightening is.

What is Japanese straightening?

Japanese straightening is make hair straight using both chemicals and heating process.

Now Japanese straightening is most popular hair service in the world.

This treatment make your hair permanently straight with shine and smoothness.

Japanese straightening is chemical process so that of course it damage your hair but the result is looks super shiny and healthy.

What will my hair look like after Japanese straightening?

After Japanese straightening your hair will super shiny and smooth.

Even if your hair is super curly, frizzy , and kinky ,your hair dramatically change into beautiful straight looking .

Without blow dry , Ironing your hair always straight and it ‘s ok just wash and go in the morning.

Is Japanese straightening damage my hair?

This is chemical process so that it damage hair.

But many people misunderstand that they think Japanese straightening make hair healthier without any damage.

That’s not true.

Inside of hair is damaged by straightening but result is something like shiny and smooth so people think the hair become healthier than before.

How long does Japanese straightening last 

Basically we mention that Japanese straightening las up to 6 month.

Once you got Japanese straightening it permanent.

But most of people need touch up for roots part so that every 6month is the best way to get Japanese straightening.

Is Japanese straightening better than keratin?

We do Japanese straightening and keratin treatment service at Hair salon 712.

We chose the service whichever suit for customers hair condition and target of hair result.

Hair condition is most important things for which service is suitable.

If you have super curly hair it better to go Japanese straightening.

If you have bright color already it better to go keratin treatment.

Can i have a Japanese straightening on colored hair?

It’s depend on hair condition.

If you ever had lighter or beach process you can get only keratin treatment.

If you just got semi-permanent color ,permanent color (4 to 10 tone) you can get Japanese straightening.

If you are not sure which is good for your hair please contact us by mail or call.

We can suggest you which is good for your hair.

Can I straight my hair with ironing after Japanese straightening?

Right after Japanese straightening we need to leave hair for 72 hours.

The straighten hair takes time to become perfectly straight hair.

We don’t recommend to use heat iron, curing iron and wet hair as well.

What chemicals are used in Japanese hair straightening?

We use 『SHISEIDO』straightening.

SHISEIDO is one of popular skin care company and chemical quality is very good.

SHISEIDO Japanese straightening work with any type of hair and come out shiny smooth hair.

How much is Japanese straightening ?

Price would be difference depend on hair length and hair condition.

If you like to know exact price please contact us .


Japanese straightening process 

This is how we work for Japanese straightening service.

Consultation is most important things for us .

We ask you about your chemical history and hair condition .

  1. Consultation 
  2. Shampoo
  3. Apply 1st solution
  4. Rinse out
  5. Ironing 
  6. Apply 2nd solution(neutraizer)

How long dose it take whole process?

Normally we take 3 hours for hair straightening.

For short hair might be more less.

We work one-to-one service and don’t use assistant so stylist take care of customers hair all section and process.

That why hair salon 712 is popular for straightening service for foreigners.

Japanese hair straightening before and after picture

We have many foreigner come to our salon to get hair straightening.

Stylist Yuki used work in Italy and London so that he has a lot of experience woking on foreign hair type.

Hair salon 712 is best place for Japanese straightening in Tokyo

Hair salon 712 is located near Daikanyama , Shibuya and Ebisu station.

Most of customers are foreigner and they believe in our skill and service.

If you like to get nice hair please visit Hair salon 712.

We will make your hair amazing and make more beautiful.